How to remain young for longer period
How to remain young for longer period
How to remain young for longer period

Death is certain, but until the last breath, would like everyone to maintain good health and young life. To maintain the youngness this is very helpful remedy.

The flow of vitality and consciousness comes out of the right hand. The control point of this is present is one-inch circle in between the wrist and elbow of the right hand.

Just pressing of this circle for two minutes daily stops wastage of vitality. It needs to be pressed alternately like the Acupressure is given.

By doing this the young age remains for longer period and prevents the diseases caused by old age. This is very essential for the men & women of 40-45 years of age. And the important thing is this is advantageous for everyone. On practicing this one experiences increase in vitality and reduction in fatigue. 


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