Guru Seva is the Highest Sadhana
Guru Seva is the Highest Sadhana



There lived a poor boy named Megha in village Kantrodi, Distt. Surendranagar (Gujarat). He served as a cowherd boy grazing the cows of a merchant. Once in the course of grazing the cows he had darshan of a Mahatma seated in a cave, absorbed in Samadhi. He saluted the Mahatma when He descended from that super-conscious state. The Mahatma placed his hand on the boy’s head and blessed him. He said, “Megha, I want cow-milk. Milk a cow and bring me a jug of milk.”

Medha was astonished. How did the Mahatma know his name? he said, ”Your Holiness! These are not my cows. If I milk any cow, my master will beat me.”
“Don’t be afraid. You bring one of the cows to me and I shall milk her myself.”
Megha thought, ’I shall bring a restive cow, she will go berserk at the very beginning; and then there will be no question of milking her.’ He did just the same, but on being affectionately caressed by the Mahatma with the feeling that everything is the Self, the cow stood there calmly and allowed him to milk her.   
After milking the cow he said, “My dear son, do bring the cows here everyday for grazing.”
Megha thought, ‘If the Mahatma drinks milk every day, my master will fire me. I will never bring the cows here for grazing again.’ But a miracle awaited him the next day. The merchant told him, “Take the cows to that very pasture where you grazed them yesterday. All the cows today have yielded copious milk. They must have got better grass at that place.” Then pointing to the cow that was milked by the Mahatma, the merchant said, “That cow has yielded the maximum quantity of milk.” Now, Megha arrived at the conclusion that his life would definitely be transformed by serving the Mahatma whose mere touch and holy darshan had caused such a great miracle. He then firmly decided to take the cows to that pasture only so long as he were in the merchant’s service.
Megha would take the cows there, milk a cow himself and offer the milk to that saint with devotional love. With six months of devoted service. Megha was able to win the heart of the Mahatma. Mahatma was pleased with him. He instructed the boy, “Observe Brahmacharya strictly, and do sadhana as I have told you.” – saying this he went into deep meditation. Megha put his heart and soul into following the Mahatma’s precepts.  
With the passage of time; Megha grew up. His mother and maternal uncle fixed his engagement despite his unwillingness to get married. But Megha had been instructed by his Guru to observe strict celibacy. The prospect of violating the command of his Guru caused anxiety to him and he had burning sensation all over his body; so much so that he was virtually on the verge of death. When his mother came to know the real cause behind this life threatening condition of her son, she got frightened and she immediately asked his brother to break the engagement. As soon as the engagement was broken Megha got relieved of the burning sensation.
After some time his mother passed away. Thus freed from all his worldly obligations Megha went directly to his Guru. The disciple was very much delighted to see his compassionate and affectionate Guru after so many years, while the Guru too was pleased to see his worthy disciple back. Seeing Megha endowed with burning disillusion with the world, his Guru instructed him in absolute Knowledge. The nectar of spiritual knowledge overflowing from the Guru’s heart fructified all sadhanas practiced by him in all past lives. By virtue of his selfless service, obedience to the commands of Guru and total surrender that poor cowherd boy became a great saint, named Megha Swami. 
- Rishi Prasad –July 2013


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