Identify yourself with the Guru, World will heap praises on you !
Identify yourself with the Guru, World will heap praises on you !


The king of Rome once sent to the Indian emperor a small thin gold-stick along with a small box made of gold, silver and precious stones filled with as much collyrium as would be sufficient for one to apply in both eyes; with a message, “Any blind man who applies this collyrium to his eyes would become sighted.” This was actually an attempt to test the intelligence and prudence of the Indian Emperor and his ministers. They thought, they would make friendship with their Indian counterparts if found intelligent and sensible enough; otherwise they would attack them. The messenger of Rome read out the importance and medicinal properties of the collyrium and handed the same over to the Emperor of India. The king was greatly delighted to get that special collyrium; which he thought would bring back the sight of his most honest, farsighted and hence favorite Chief Minister; who had helped him win so many battles by virtue of his keen intelligence. So the king thought he would be able to discharge his duty of helping the Chief Minister see again.
If some officer is truly loyal to a king or leader, it is the duty of that king or leader to see to it that the particular officer has a bright future. In execution of his moral duty, the king called his chief minister and said, “See, today I am successful in serving the minister; who is truly my right-hand man.” He then emplained the importance of that collyrium and said, “Here, take this collyrium and apply it quickly; you will begin to see again.”
The Chief Minister became calm for while and engaged himself in japa and rhythmic breathing as instructed by his Guru. Then he applied the collyrium to his one eye, and it was a miracle; he could see everything around him. But there was no sign of pleasure on his face; rather a solemn sense of curiosity was expressed. He thought, ‘This collyrium is just enough for only two eyes, but there are so many others in our state who can’t see!
पर हित सरिस धर्म नहिं भाई |
“There is no religion or duty so great as doing good to others.’
Oh revered Gurudeva, please help me know as to what ingredients have been triturated in the making of this wonderful collyrium!’. Thus praying he established psychic contact with his Guru, and then he dipped the stick into the collyrium and smeared the collyrium on his tongue instead of applying it to the other eye, and became calm again. He could find out the ingredients used in making the collyrium-rose-petals, Indravarna, etc. Now, there was serene pleasure reflected on his face. He was more joyful than the conqueror of a battle. It was divine, it was spiritual joy!
The Minister then said, “My Lord, not merely one or two blind persons, but all those who can’t see would now be able to see again!”
But the king became somber, “Hey, stop that emotional blabbering. How fool of you to use that collyrium in only one of your eyes, while smearing the rest on your tongue! Now the people would call you a ‘single eyed man’. It will be a matter of great shame for me to have a single eyed man as my Chief Minister. You have pained me!”
“No. My Lord! I haven’t pained you! Rather, you will be greatly pleased to know that I have found the formula of this collyrium by intuition and also by its taste. Now, let me tell this messenger in your gracious presence my Lord, ‘You had brought just a little collyrium in this small box, but now I shall give it back to you filled with the same kind of collyrium. Go and tell the Roman king that he may now get this collyrium in abundance from India for curing the eyes of all the blind inhabitants of his kingdom or even of the entire world; for I have come to know of all the ingredients of this special collyrium.”
- Rishi Prasad –July 2013


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