Stood first for three Consecutive years
Stood first for three Consecutive years

 In the year 2001 I took initiation of Saraswatya mantra from Your Holiness. I have been enthusiastically doing ten malas of jap of this mantra regularly. By the sheer grace of Pujya Guruji I have been ranking first in my class for the last three years. In the eighth standard I secured 80 percent marks and again stood first in my class.

Inspired by Your Holiness, Bal Sanskar Kendra was established in my school on 15th of May 2003 and I started to attend the same regularly. We were taught many good things. I have already adopted some of them in my daily life. Very soon I have plans to inculcate the rest of them that I haven't been able to imbibe so far. I am greatly benefitted by practising these techniques. With regular practice of Trataka and pranayam my mind has become tranquil and my intellect has sharpened considerably. The vacillations of the mind have been reduced and my elder brother and I both have stopped watching TV. Earlier I was so fond of TV that I would never miss watching my favourite programmes but now there is a radical transformation in my life and I have no interest in watching TV programmes. Now I am well aware that these trashy things only vitiate our life by leaving bad impressions on our psyche.

- Jyoti Yadav,  Musepur village, District Rewari (Haryana)
(From Rishi Prasad-Isuue -146, February 2005)


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