How to celebrate "Parents’ Worship Day"?

Guidelines to Celebrate Parents' Worship Day on 14thFebruary


  • Make parents sit on a clean and high seat. 
  • The children should put a mark of vermillion, tilak on their parents’ foreheads.
  • Then offer flowers to parents and put a garland of flowers around their neck.
  •  Parents should also put a mark of vermilion, tilak on foreheads of their children and put flowers on their head. They should then remove the garlands from around their necks and place them around their children’s necks.
  •  The children should light a lamp in a plate and should wave arati before their parents. Children should make a firm resolve to serve their parents and Guru, considering them to be gods.
  • The children should sprinkle unbroken rice and flowers on their parents’ heads and vice-versa.
  •  Thereafter the children should circumambulate their parents seven times.
  •  On this day, the children should bow to their parents and the parents should caress their children affectionately who in turn should embrace their parents. This will foster true love. May the children see divinity in their parents, and the parents behold divinity in their children.
  •  The children should take this pious resolve: “I will respect my parents and teachers. It is my duty to abide by their orders which direct me on the path to greatness and I shall certainly follow them.”
  •  At this point parents should shower their loving blessings on their children. The parents should make this pious resolve for the auspicious life of their children: May there be an increase in your industriousness, courage, fortitude, intelligence, strength and achievements. May your life become fragrant with devotion to your parents and your Guru. May you excel in your actions. May you become the three-eyed one. Along with your physical two eyes may you open the third eye, the eye of discrimination. May you become diligent and may you get success in every sphere of life.”
  •  The children should give sweet prasad to their parents and parents should also give the same to their children.Read stories such as –Child Ganesha’s circumambulation of the earth, Bhakta Pundalik and Sharavan Kumar’s devotion to their parents. Or one may read while the others listen thereto.
  • The parents should distribute the pious books such as ‘Bal Sanskar’, ‘Divya Prerana Prakash’(Divine Inspiration’ in English), ‘Tu Gulab Hokar Mahak’, ‘Madhur  Vyavahar’(Winsome Behaviour in English) according to their respective means and also resolve to read these books themselves and get them read by their children for a while regularly.
  • The stories of the great devotees of their parents, viz. Sri Ganesha, Pundalik, Shravan Kumar, etc. can be staged in the drama form.

    * Play the songs -

   1. ‘Mata-Pita-Guru-Prabhu charnon me …’ (From the cassette – Bhajan Deepanjali)

   2. ‘Bhulo sabhi ko tum magar…’ etc.

  • On this day, organize a collective recital of the ‘Sri Asaramayana’ and conclude it with distribution of sweet prasada among the children.
  • Get the following lines written on cardboards and affix them at the venue of this programme.

                बहुत   रात तक पैर  दबाते , भरे  कंठ  पितु  आशीष पाते || ( "Bahuta Rata Taka Pair Dabate, Bhare Kanth Pitu Asisa Pate." )

                 पुत्र  तुम्हारा जगत  में  सदा  रहेगा  नाम  | लोगों  के  तुमसे  सदा  पूरण होंगे  काम || ("Putra tumhara jagata mein sada rahegaa naam | logon ke tumse sada purana honge kaam " )

                     मातृदेवो  भव | पितृदेवो भव  | आचार्यदेवो  भव || (matrdevo bhava ; pitrdevo bhava ; acaryadevo bhava !)


Read the supremely philanthropic message of Pujya Bapuji yourself and get it read by others as well. Celebrate ‘Parents’ Worship Day’ and not ‘Valentine’s Day.’


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