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Lord Krishna : An Embodiment Of Love
Lord Krishna : An Embodiment Of Love


Love-incarnate Lord Krishna imparts Supreme bliss to all, right from the simple cowherds to the greatest of erudite scholars.

Vasudev invokes the Lord in his mind, Devaki carries Him in her womb, Yashoda cuddles Him in her hands; but Nanda has established Him right in his heart.

Nand Gher Anand Bhayo...

'There is jubilation in Nanda's house' (Hail Sri Krishna)'

First with the help of Satsang invoke God in your mind. Then with meditation take Him to your heart. Next hold Him lovingly in your arms and finally embrace Him to become established in your very Being. The Lord hungers for love and that is what made Him dance to the tunes of the loving Gopis for buttermilk.

Once Lord Krishna was returning home after killing Arishtasura. The Gopis said, 'Watch out for Nandalal (another name of Lord Krishna on account of being the son of Nanda). Do not let Him enter the house. See to it that He does not touch us or come near us, for He has just killed Arishtasura!'

The Lord enquired, 'Pray what sin have I committed? How come I have become an untouchable?'

The Gopis explained, 'You have killed Arishtasura. Though he was a demon, he came to You in the form of a bull. A bull is a natural offspring of the mother cow. Thus You have committed a sin by killing the offspring of a cow.'

How wonderful is the power of love! Jivas are absolved of their sins by chanting His name; and here is He, being accused by the Gopis of having committed a sin, 'You are a sinner. Do not touch us.'

Lord Krishna enquired, 'Is there any way to be acquitted of this sin?'

The Gopis counselled, 'Go and take a bath in the 68 places of pilgrimage. Then and only then can You talk to us.'

Just as Sri Krishna was all prepared to set out on the pilgrimage, Radhaji approached Him and said, 'Wait! I will invoke the 68 places of pilgrimage here for You. These Gopis have gone mad. On one hand they pine for You day and night while on the other hand they are forcing You to go on a long pilgrimage.' Radhaji then began digging a kunda.

As Lord Krishna watched Radhaji digging the Kunda, He thought of helping her. He dug out a separate Kunda and invoked the holy waters from all the places of pilgrimage to accumulate in that Kunda. When the Kunda was filled with the consecrated water, Krishna proceeded to take a bath. The Gopis objected, 'Are You an ascetic that you will take Your bath alone. You should bathe along with Radhaji and that too first in the Kunda created by her.'

Accordingly Sri Krishna, together with Radhaji, first took a bath in Radha's Kunda and then came to the Kunda created by Him. But the demands of the Gopis were ever increasing, 'Bathing once is not enough; You will have to take 68 dips in a row'.

He, who has the power to make the universe dance to His tunes, was willingly obeying the commands of simple cowherd-girls. To invoke the effect of visiting 68 places of pilgrimage, He agreed to take as many dips. So tremendous is the power of devotional love for God!

Etymologically speaking the word Gopi contains two syllables. 'Go' represents the senses while 'Pi' means imbibing. The nectar of Self-Bliss that Yogis imbibe through meditation is experienced in the same manner and content by the Gopis simply by gazing at Lord Krishna, listening to His ambrosial words and talking about Him.

Had the Lord not incarnated as Sri Krishna, how would have the mankind attained the boon of the joy of Love? In the absence of the joy, bliss and the Supreme Knowledge of the Gita, mankind would have lived in strife, misery and reached the verge of ruin.

In countries that are not blessed with the joy of Krishna (Divine Bliss) and devotional love, people are more depressed, troubled and sick compared to those in India. Only in such countries and communities, where the Lord's name is not chanted and through Diksha the right direction for life has not been charted out nor followed, a large number of departed souls become ghosts.


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