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How To Celebrate Sri Krishna Janmashtami In Real Terms
How To Celebrate Sri Krishna Janmashtami In Real Terms


It is not necessary to celebrate Sri Krishna’s incarnation only at midnight. You can do so just any time. To celebrate Sri Krishna’s incarnation means to bring Sri Krishna’s ideals in life, to lead life in accordance with the teachings of Sri Krishna. I say Krishna-Kanhaiya Lal Ki Jai( Hails to Sri Krishna!) and distribute and eat butter and sugar candy – this is not all about the celebration of Janmashtami. We must strive to bring in life the joy of Lord Krishna as well as His equanimity in the face of the worst circumstances and calamities of life. The festival of Janmashtami teaches us to bring our innate love into manifestation. The more progress we make towards Self – realization, the more substantial is our homage to Lord Sri Krishna, and the more truly we celebrate His incarnation on the earth.
On the pious occasion of Janmashtami, let us resolve to imbibe Lord Krishna’s nectar of Self Knowledge, His message of the Gita and of yoga; and to spread that Prasad of the Guru to the whole world. ‘ I salute Krishna, the Guru of the whole world.’
We will be celebrating Janmashtami in real terms only when we understand Sri Krishna’s principles and strive to assimilate them in life. Just as the village of Gokul was saved from the tyranny of Kansa, the village of your senses should be saved from the rule of egotism. It should reverberate with the divine tunes of Sri Krishna’s flute. This actually is the underlying purpose of Janmashtami.


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