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Inspiring Stories From Sri Hanumanji's Life
Sri Hanumanji - Serving Lord Rama With All Means
Sri Hanumanji - Serving Lord Rama With All Means

 One Day Lord Sri Ram and Mother Sita were seated on a swing. Meanwhile Hanumanji came and started dangling the swing. Mother Sita said: “Hanuman! Please get me a glass of water”. Whereas Ramji said “keep on dangling the swing”.
Sri Hanumanji went to get the water holding the rope of the swing in his hand; i.e got the water for Sitaji without leaving the service of Lord Ram on the swing. Thus with his prudence was able to fulfill the wish of Ramji as well as Sitaji simultaneously.

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Grand Festival Of Devotional Love
Grand Festival Of Devotional Love

 On having listened to the sublime virtues of Hanumanji, Narad ji came to Kimpurushavarsha* for his darshana. As soon as he had the darshanaof the supreme devotee Hanumanji engrossed in the service of Lord Rama, he was so enraptured that he started dancing with abandon chanting, ‘Hails to Lord Rama!’ ‘Hails to Ma Sita!, ‘Hails to Lakshmanaji! ‘Hails to Sri Hanumanji!’ That day he had forgotten his own Narad style of kirtana and was engrossed in the Hanuman style instead. Hanumanji, who supremely rejoiced in chanting the Lord’s name, too couldn’t hold himself back for long. Imbued with love and excitement, he took a leap and joined Naradji in kirtana  and dancing taking him in his arms. Lord Rama, Ma Sitaji and Lakshmanaji were fascinated to see this grand festival of devotional love.

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Lord Rama Hosting a Banquet For The Apes
Lord Rama Hosting a Banquet For The Apes

Once lord Rama addressed Hanumanji, “Hanuman! After my crowning ceremony everybody has been aptly awarded. But I still have a desire to arrange a feast for all the apes wherein they take meals sitting in rows. ” Hanumanji entreated with folded hands. “O Lord! I know the apes only too well. They are best left alone jumping around on trees.”” But Hanuman! It is my earnest wish to serve them food like humans.” Sensing that Lord Rama had made up His mind, Hanumanji said,”As you wish my lord!”

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For Lord Rama's Long Life
For Lord Ramas Long Life

One Tuesday morning, Hanumanji the great devotee of Lord Rama, went to mother Sita and said, "Mother! I am extremely hungry. Please give me something to eat."

Mother Sita replied, "Son! I am going for a bath right now. I will give you some sweetmeat once I return."

Hanumanji then started chanting Lord Rama's Name, waiting patiently for the mother to return. When She returned, the first thing she did was to apply vermilion (sindoor) in the parting of her hair. Hanumanji was curious, "Mother! Why do you apply vermilion?"

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Bapuji's message on Hanuman Jayanti

 Whatever you do, offer it for the pleasure of the supreme Lord. Meet people, but rest/relax on the elemental wisdom of the lord. Relax on your own Aatma-Ram.  Perform your work to give happiness to others but not to achieve something. Your actions should not focus on fame but instead should be done to offer credit and honor to others. As was done by Sri Hanumanji. This will make your deeds as KarmaYog and BhaktiYog.

-Pujya Bapuji


About Sri Hanuman Ji:

Hanumanji was born on the full moon day of the month of Chaitra. He was born of the supremely virtuous Anjana, the wife of Monkey King Kesari. The mother’s life and her teachings exercise the greatest influence on the child. Ma Anjana – an ideal, virtuous and ascetic mother, would recite the tales from the Puranas to Hanumanji. Then, she would also ask her darling son some questions from the tales she had narrated. While going to bed at night, Mother Anjana would narrate the pious stories to him and at times she would start dozing. On such occasions, Hanumanji would give her a jerk and ask, “Mother! Tell me! What happened after that?” Hanumanji’s mind would become completely engrossed in the divine tales. Sleep would not disturb his attention. Tears of love flows from his eyes in divine ecstasy while listening to the Lord’s divine tales. He would forget Hunger and thirst, and for hours on end remain engrossed in the joy of remembering Lord Ram’s name and his divine plays.


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