Words of Teachers' about Divya Prerana Prakash & Balsanskar
Words of President of Siksha Seva Mandal

This activity organized by Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram is highly appreciated .


These books enhances memory power & intelligence powers amongst students .This holy scripture is not only useful for students but for person of all the standards.

Thoughts of a Principal of a Junior College

Divya Prerna Prakash Gyan Pratiyogita is useful for students .It is useful in providing correct direction in correct age .Due to this book , a positive change in behavior of students is visible....even many students have stopped drinking tea.

Words of All Saints School - Pune

Just as the Chataka bird waits for long quenches, the holy book quenches all your desires only by reaching it 5 times. Every person needs these qualities e.g. sincerity, faith, willingness, earnestness. But due to bad and wicked company, he falls a pray to bad qualities in life. This book leads to ‘Adhyatma Vidhya’ i.e. the science of inner most essence of the universe.

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