Experience with Celibacy - Kshitij Soni
Experience with Celibacy - Kshitij Soni

Kshitij Soni, was a cowherd in childhood and was so poor that did not had money to buy footwear.
He read Yuva Dhan Suraksha Book (older version of Divya Prerana Prakash) and understood the importance of celibacy. He abstained himself from sex and adopted celibacy. Also he took Saraswatya Mantra Diksha from Pujya Asaram Ji Bapu. With all these he became a very bright student.  And today he is an engineer in Go-Air with a package around 1.8 lacs PM.


Reading “Youvan Suraksha” Transformed my life!

I was drawn towards temples and worship of God since my early childhood. But around the age of 14-15, I fell into bad company. I foolishly made friends with boys addicted to bad habits They tought me masturbation. The mere sight of a girl was enough to excite me and I would look for private place. I would masturbation 3-4 times a day. But fortunately, my pledge of daily worship remained unbroken and I was regular in performing it. Loss of semen made me weak.

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