The Power of Saraswatya Mantra Diksha                   

 I got admission in 2nd year electrical engineering degree course of Maharana Pratap college of Technology, Gwalior, in August 1999.

    Unlike other  regular students who had to take test of five subjects, I had to take test of 9 subjects because I completed the diploma course and then joined the 2nd year of degree course. I didn’t have much time.

     Fortunately, satsang programme of Guruji was held in Gwalior just after 45 days. I listened to his satsang for four days and was so much impressed that I took Mantra Diksha “Saraswatya Mantra” on 31 October 1999. After taking Mantra Diksha I Gaveup smoking, drinking (alcohol) non-veg. foods and gutakha. I appeared in examination just after three months. During examination, I solved all problems by meditating on Guruji.

      The result was declared just a few days back. I have got first rank in my Electrical Branch and I have got very good marks in all the subjects.

      How can I describe the grace of my Guruji who has illumined my heart with the effulgence of knowledge! Jai Satgurudeva!

- Pankaj Prasun
  Saraswati Nagar, University Road, Gwalior (M.P.)
 (From Rishi Prasad Issue-January  2001)

Vidhyarthi Anushthan |: 2013
Divine Experiences Of Saraswatya Mantra

A Golden Opportunity in Anushtan

1.  A Satsang oration exam will be conducted for all the students who attend the anushtan at Ahmadabad ashram. Top 11- 15 winners of this exam will get the opportunity to speak in the presence of Pujya Bapuji.
2.  An exam will also be conducted on Shri Asharamayan, Jeevan Rasayan and Satsang of Pujya Bapuji during the anushthan. Students will also have to write an essay.

The topic for essay and the prizes are as follows:

Age Group Essay Topic  Written Exam Prizes
First  Second Third 


Age: 10-13

Brahm Gyani Guru is the form of the God himself Cycle Bag + Sahitya (Books) set DVD Set


Age: 13-18

Brahmacharya(celibacy) and Guru Seva are easy paths towards Self-Realization Tablet Special pen drive for Students Sahitya (Books) set + gift Coupons

Other 5 students in each group will be given a 3D photo frame !

•  Special Prasad for students who attend Anushthan :
All the students will be given avala (Indian Gooseberry) sweet.

•  Rules for Students attending the Anushtan :

* Get sufficient things required for your daily usage, pen and notebook.
* Students should wear white clothes during the anushthan.
* All the students should be completely fit, they should not be suffering from any disease.
* Students have to bear the expenses towards travel as well as the anushthan fees.

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