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AIM Of Balsanskar Kendra

  1. To facilitate the development of physical, mental, intellectual, moral and spiritual powers amongst the students.
  2. To develop memory and intelligence of the student through various yogic techniques.
  3. To protect the health of the students and help them develop their vital force and will-power through the practice of yogasana and pranayam.
  4. To impart the efficacious techniques of obtaining excellent marks in exams.
  5. To infuse fearlessness carefreeness and self-confidence in them.
  6. To make them cognizant of their duties to their parents, elders, society and the nation.
  7. To build a thriving and prosperous society by self-restraint, righteousness, and moral property amongst the students and reinstate India as the Vishwaguru.


  1. Under the guidance of Self Realized Saint Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu, several social activities are running for the upliftment of the children in which several techniques of the Indian culture are being provided to make them Ojasvi (bright and intelligent),Tejasvi (powerful)and Yashasvi(successful). In all such activates the major activity is Balsanskar Kendra which are run all over the country.
  2. Kids are like under-baked pots. If during the childhood itself qualities such as Bhakti, Dhyan (meditation), self Control are embedded in a child, then not only can the child achieve great heights in worldly activities but can also easily get supreme wisdom and self-realization, which is the ultimate aim of human life. Thus Balsanskar Kendra is a platform for this divine Seva.

Bapuji's Message:

‘Bal Sanskar Kendra’ is a channel through which knowledge and wisdom of our great saints and seers can be imparted to children. The end objective is to imbibe and enhance vital human qualities like determination and memory power. It also includes teaching techniques to augment concentration and brilliance of mind.

‘Japa’ (incantation), meditation, ‘pranayam’(breathing techniques) awaken the latent energies of mind. Children should also be advised to respect their parents and obtain their blessings and learn to lead a happy, healthy and respectful life. They should be encouraged to become energetic and high-spirited. The intent of ‘sewa bhavu’ should be nurtured in the children and they should be encouraged to render service to society and nation when they grow up.

This is a philanthropic initiative and no money is expected. You are only requested to pass on the benefits accrued to you through satsang and taking mantra diksha by doing sewa in return by opening a Bal Sanskar Kendra either yourself or encouraging someone else to do so. Such a good deed will help pass on the benefits of good living to others and bestow prosperity

- Param Pujya Sant Sri Asharam Ji Bapu

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