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Daily Routine Of An Ideal Child

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Characteristics Of A Virtuous Child

He gets up by the crack of dawn, Sits down for meditation.
After a glance at both the hands, Would salute the motherland.
Attending to the nature’s call, He takes an apposite bath.
Settles eastwards on a woolen gear, meditates with focused mind.
He fixes his gaze on Gurudev’s portrait, Perform Yogasan, holds back breath.
Offers oblations to the Sun-God. Chews Tuli-leaves & drinks water.
Pays obeisance to parents, Venerates his mentors.
Attends school day by day, Studies assiduously.
Days in & out, he sings hymns of Gurudev, Lord Ganapati & Maa Saraswati.
He consumes chaste food only after daily offerings to the Lord.
Listens divine discourse of Sadguru, Obeys his ordain fastidiously.
He sacrifices himself for his religion, culture & the motherland.
Serves dejected, downcast & miserable, humbly & selflessly.
Abandon indolence, get awakened right away. Be noble like Dhruv & Prahlad.
Such children are the gems of nation, instituting it prosperous.

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