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Balsanskar Kendra Guidelines

One needs just willingness & inspiration from Bapuji to start a BSK. Some working knowledge of most common Asanas or Pranayams & meditation techniques as taught by Bapuji during Satsangs helps.

It is Bapuji’s Divine Sankalp that makes this program so powerful & popular; we are just the medium to convey Bapuji's messages.

Following are some basic BSK Guidelines which will help you conduct the program:

1.    Resolution: In order to become a part of Bal Sanskar Kendra seva, firstly pray to Pujya Bapuji and make a firm resolve for the same.
 [Click here to download (in Hindi) forms for BSK Center Registration and Pledge. Fill out & submit them to your local/regional Samiti (chapter) or The Ahmedabad Headquarters.]

2.    Spread the word:
    a)    After deciding the date and time of starting the Bal Sanskar Kendra, visit the parents and guardians of the children in the neighbourhood, and explain to them the importance, aim and working of the Bal Sanskar Kendra. Brief them about the books like “Bal Sanskar”, “Sanskar Sinchan”, “Sanskar Darshan” etc. and encourage them to send their children to Bal Sanskar Kendra by sharing its benefits, and also the experiences of children who have benefitted by attending the Bal Sanskar Kendra.
    b)    Start advertising atleast one month in advance by putting poster etc in Grocery stores & Temples etc. Emphasize on Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation in the Flyer. Please goto 'BSK Templates' for sample flyer. 
    c)    In front of the venue of the BSK, put the banner of Bal Sanskar Kendra. 
    d)    You may also put the notice of the starting of the Bal Sanskar Kendra on the notice board of nearby schools.

3.    Day of the Program: Keep Program on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 
Announce the program as fixed duration like 4 months or 6 months (with start & end date decided upfront) so that people don’t feel like a commitment forever. After the duration is complete you may extend the program depending on children's/parent's interests.

4.    Venue: Arrange for a place which can easily seat 20 kids with ventilation & cleanliness. The place can be your home, nearby temple, school or community hall. 
[Note: Makes sure to get a Waiver of Liability signed up on the very first day if you are doing the program outside India.]

5.    Time: Usually it takes about one and half to two hours. But as per the circumstances and arrangements, the time can be set appropriately. 

6.    Age of the Students: 6 to 10 years (class is called balsanskar). 11 to 15 years (if boys then called Chatra Balsanskar else if girls then called Balika Balsanskar).

Note: In  Chatra Balsanskar Kendra only boys would come and in Balika Balsanskar kendras  only girls would come. Chatra Balsanskar Kendra should be run by a male Sadhak devotee where as Balika Balsanskar Kendra should be run by a female Sadhak devotee.

7.    Sitting Arrangements: Girls and boys should be seated separately in Balsanskar kendras. Parents/guardians and other sadhaks should be made to sit at the back.
8.    If possible provide each kid with an Aasan, a note book, a Badge & file folder with schedule, Aarti & some basic material. Also you can request that material fee be paid for this (Optional).

9.    Arrangements: Keep Bapuji’s photo and/or Goddess Saraswati's picture on a Table with Clean cover at a height where kids can view the Jyot & Photos at the level of their eyes. Make the environment pious by igniting the scent sticks, diya, etc. in front of the divine photo of Pujya Bapuji & God. You may also decorate the place with flowers and then start the program. 

10.    Pujya Bapuji recently suggested the Balssanskar Sevadars to ask the children to bring some prasadam from their home, mix all the prasadam borought by all children and also put Tulsi Leaves (if its not sunday, or Amawasya or Poornima or Dwadashi) and distribute among the children. This would be develop the virtue to distributing among fellow mates before eating.

11.    Follow the Program schedule but once in a while do special session like Pranayam Special or Yogasana Special or Meditation special or Games special where you spend most of the time doing those activities. 

12.    Always teach at least one new item & ask them to make note of the key learnings in their notebooks. 

13.    Children can be given assignments like reading story/satsang from Rishi Prasad & briefly telling about what was read. Some seva activity appropriate for children like telling their friends about BSK, helping old or ill people, cleaning the community etc. can also be given. 

14.    Encourage parents to join the class by sitting at the back. 

15.    Get regular feedback from parents (Every two months or so). 

16.    Reward kids with Stickers (Like Aum, Swastik etc) on answering correctly, being regular, sitting straight, doing assignments etc. You can ask them to collect say 5 stickers to win a book (eg Rishi Prasad). 

17.    Do send bimonthly feedback on attendance & regularity to Ahmedabad Ashram.

18.    If possible organize a day trip to Ashram. 

19.    After 2 months of program you may tell parents about the importance of reading Rishi Prasad. If parents want they can subscibe to this spiritual magazine.

[Note:Visit the Resources section and get the required material for preparing yourself for the classes.]




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