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Chitter chatter with kids

We all know how innocent kids can be.. Few conversations we had with them which bring a smile on our face everytime we think about them. Hope they brighten your day too..


BSK Kid: I dug my ring finger in the sand and the ants took my ring away..

BSK teacher: The ANTS took your ring away..

BSK Kid: Yes.. I dug my finger and the ants took my ring away..

BSK Kids elder brother: No.. The ants did not take the ring away. She dug in the sand and buried her ring and forgot where she buried it..


BSK teacher: Krishna used to steal butter.. Hence he is also called as Makhan Chor..

After sometime.. BSK teacher asks.. SO what is Krishna's other name I told you a few minutes back coz he stole butter..

BSK Kids: Chor!!!


BSK kids get a weekly calendar. Each day has various activities that need to be done everyday. Eg. Tilak, Pranayam, Surya Ark etc..

One such activity says: "Every time you step out of the house, chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra"

BSK kid had not stepped out of home one day..Every other item had been completed in the calendar and marked appropriately.. Except the chanting of Mahamrityunjayamantra as they had not left home that day..

Hence he asks his mum..

BSK kid: "Mum, when are we going to step out of home today?"

Mum: "We won't.. Why?"

BSK kid: " I need to chant my mantra and for that I need to step out of home. My calendar for the day cannot be marked completed until then"

Mum: " :). You can chant the mantra even otherwise"..


BSK teacher: Krishna used to love cows.. Cows are also known as GauMata.

But kids were speaking softly.. Hence the teacher says..

BSK teacher: "Kids.. Cows are also knows as..Jori Se.. Gau Mata.. What are cows known as?"

BSK kids: "Jori se"..

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